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I notice it usually every morning when pulling out of the driveway, or any time the car is cold. I have not said anything b/c after dealing with Pontiac on this car and my 99 GA, I realize, what's the use? Anytime I have had a mechanical problem they can never seem to locate it and assume it must be normal. I've had a some other issues that I reported to Pontiac CS in July and have yet to see anything done about them. They just create a file and tell you no one else has had this problem. When I had the GA, I kept complaining about the brakes and all Pontiac CS did was send me a free Pontiac CD case and keychain, what a joke!!! It was a nice gester I guess, but it still didn't stop me from having to have the brake pads and rotors replaced every 3 months. :rolleyes:

I have to go to the dealership sometime, if they ever get the fog light swith in, and I'll ask about it when I go, to see what they say. This dealership is a bigger one, it's one of those dealerships that has a owner that doesn't want anyone else to have a car lot (ie: the delearship has Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Chevroelt, GM, Buick, and Pontiac), so maybe they've seen more G6's than the previous Pontiac dealer. I'll let you know what they say. :eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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