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Hello, I not an expert, but I think that there should be a thread for a registry where all owners with the steering problem could register their VIN, Name and State and email infos.

I think that Carissa249 suceeded to get her car changed if there is some paperwoek like a GM documents stating anything usefull it should be scanned and posted on that registry

If I ever get my GTP pucrchased back from GM I will crate a site and post all relative documents so that other owners will be able to use this documentation for their own cases.

But meanwhile a rigistery could help to put pressure on GM.

As I mentioned elsewhere, if I'm intelligent enough to find G6 forums en the WEB, GM is intelligent enough to do the same.

I'm very shure that all car manufacturors have employees who's job is to monitor all that written on their products.

The WEB and forums are quite recent and we have the possbilities to find informations that we could'nt 5/7 years ago.
Now GM and others also know that we share informations and I'm positively shure that some staff is monitering everything we write. And they are affraid of that information exchange. This is shurely why there are no complaints record anywhere, even though many of us did complaint. They are playing hide and seek.

Finaly if the idea of a registrery is feasable, there should by others for the Panoramic and the 6 speeder.

It would shurely be very interesting to find how many of us have a problem for those 3 situations.

As it is now, all the infos. is spread all around and no one can quantify the number of unsatisfied owners.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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