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So I know the ECU has a learning ability for trans. shifting and I was hoping that a disconnected battery (when it died) would help reset it. But my wifes trans always seems to have a little issue when coming out of overdrive. I can reproduce the issue every time on a highway by our house. Basically the highway comes to an end and turns into a 2 lane road and the speed limit drops from 55 to 35, so I lift on the throttle and let the car coast to drop speed. When I get back on the throttle (as the 35mph zone is up hill) the car lugs for a couple seconds then down shifts. When it lugs it accelerates but almost feels like a slipping torque converter before it downshifts.

Anyone experience this? Just a ECU learned shifting pattern issue, or something more?

The car only has 28k on it and is under warranty, but I refuse to take anything to the dealership without a good idea of what might be the issue, especially on a car that I haven't owned long enough to know the in's and out's of.
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