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Owner of a 2008 g6

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The car has been great so far. Purchase it when it was only a few months old. Never had issues always took it in for its six months and one year services. Just two weeks ago a problem started. There is a noticeable miss fire in my engine. The check engine light never has come on. It still runs great and drives like normal no other noises or does not use anymore gas than usual everything is fine except for this miss fire my husband to be says it is spark plugs any other ideas or noted problems with this car
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I had a similar misfire. Ended up being a cracked insulator on the number 1 spark plug. Might be the same issue you are experiencing. I have also seen a few members here say it could be the ignition coil pack.
2008 g6

Everyone is saying spark plugs i just hope it is. If it is the coil do you know if that is an expensive fix or is something that can be fix by my husband or do we have to take it to a shop.
welcome!! first thing i would check is definitly spark plug or wire.
i don't believe ive had an engine misfire on me what does it sound/feel like so i know for future reference?
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