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There's no way this story will make me look good so I'll just be honest :)

One evening, while my boyfriend was inside Dairy Queen ordering us some blizzards, the red glow of my radio caught my attention and before long I was randomly mashing buttons to see what they would do. By the time he returned to the car I had somehow activated the P-type feature and was unable to disengage it.

As far as I can tell, the P-type feature allows you to surf for stations of whichever programming persuasion you choose which I suppose could be useful but it's really not something I'm interested in. Unfortunately this setting has taken control of my radio. For no reason my stereo will just randomly display P-type, thereby preventing me from using the pre-set (1-6) buttons on my steering wheel while simultaneously either raising or lowering the volume. My clock also stops displaying as well.

I read through the owner's manual and it implies that P-type can be turned on and off by simply pushing the P-type button which in a way is true because pushing the button at least temporarily stops it. For some reason though, the P-type setting seems to be the default. Every time I start my car it seems the P-type gremlin just sits and waits for me to be distracted before making an appearance. Oftentimes it will even give me a false sense of security, making me believe I've won, before popping up to say hello.

So I beg...how do I permanently turn the P-type feature off?! Is there even some easy way for me to just return to the default factory settings? Really...I'm willing to tweak my audio settings and reset all of my buttons if I can regain control over the P-type troll!!

thank you thank you thank you

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If you push the button labeled "Band", are you able to go through AM, FM and XM? Do the PTY procedure one more time.

Finding a Program Type (PTY) Station
(RDS and XM™)
To select and find a desired PTY perform the following:
1. Press the P-TYPE button to activate program
type select mode. PTY for FM or PTYPE for XM and
a program type will appear on the display.
2. Turn the ADJ knob to select a PTY.
3. Once the desired PTY is displayed, press the
SEEK up arrow to select and to take you to the
PTY’s first station.
4. To go to another station within that PTY press the
SEEK up arrow again. If the radio cannot find the
desired PTY, NONE FOUND will appear on
the display and the radio will return to the last
station you were listening to.
5. Press P-TYPE to exit program type select mode.
If PTY times out and is no longer on the display,
go back to Step 1.
If both P-TYPE and TRAF are on, the radio will search
for stations with the selected PTY and traffic

If it doesn't return your radio to normal, disconnect the negative cable on your battery and leave it off for about 15 minutes. There will be some resetting required,after you reconnect the battery cable. If that doesn't work, I guess Dealer service will be necessary. Maybe, someone here may have another possible solution and chime in. :)
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