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I have had the P0449 code on my 2006 G6 GTP for some time now. The code is for the EVAP Vent Solenoid Circuit (Not the purge valve). I replaced the vent solenoid with no luck. I then thought that one of the 2 wires must have a break, considering the code is for the circuit. There is 12 volts going to the solenoid but it is more difficult to test the switched ground. Tracing the wire towards the front of the car, i came across a 7 pin connector (2 feet away front the solenoid) which had 2 out of 7 extremely corroded contacts. Thinking i was finally done with all my struggles, I cleaned the contacts and tested the system but the same code popped up. Now my next step was to test the continuity of the ground wire from the connector to the PCM. To my understanding, the switched ground goes directly to the PCM? If this is true which pin/ connector does the switched wire go to?
Would this code only pop up for a electrical problem? During the removal of the solenoid, the 2 vent line had a considerable amount of dust/dirt in them (i shook it out the best i could). Would this cause the P0449 code to appear?
If you suggest any options/tests
could you please include any details on the process. Such as pin details, connector locations, where the vent lines go to, and how to clean the vent lines.
Thanks for any and all help you can provide!
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