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A Little More.....

Thanks, greenman! I thought that was the case, but I realized that I wasn't quite as explanatory as I should have been.

I was planning on verifying the electrical wiring to the vent solenoid, and change the vent solenoid if needed. My question was really to confirm the location and part number of the vent solenoid.

Some of the online GM catalogs I have seen, including the drawing/diagram excerpts posted here, show a rectangular shape unit near the vapor canister. This is labeled by GM on some of the stuff I can find as a purge solenoid and not a vent solenoid. The drawings on sites such as GMpartsdirect.com only list a purge solenoid. Without any service manuals, I was hoping to glean some info from those, like yourself, that have replaced this.

Based on this, I have been able to locate two sets of part numbers (Rock Auto is an easy one to look at). My problem is that I just wanted to verify that the vent valve (round/cylindrical part) was what is mounted above/next to the gas tank before I tear apart anything.

its the small round one!! for sure have same junky car! you have to drop the tank its not the big square tank on some missleading sites small round one! check the wires first they run all messed up andbreak short to ground! its a big job pain to drop tank no room under these cars changed mine for nothing canister that is was a wire broke! pontiac is junk they use china cheapest wiring ever to small gauge and cheap! build up resitance! never ever jump these cars or give buddys jumps! i warned you! make your buddy walk!! youll destroyy these cars whole electric systems! gaurunteed gm should be in prison for making these g6 death traps and fire starters! theyve burned down homes just sitting in garage! i can hold in key on any g6 and burn it to ground!! people that have no starts keep trying an dholding key in and this car fries!! smokes and fires! its basically push start but with a key! you crank key and release if you keep holding it three seconds or more its toast!!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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