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-+JoezDog4+- said:
not to bring suck an old post back, but has anyone else painted just the middle plastic??? I'd like to have that done and I want to get a view of how it would look...
I just bought a second pair of mirrors at the salvage yard to paint, trying to decide whether to paint the whole thing or just the middle. If I just paint the middle do I might paint the rest black so I can wax it and keep it shiny. I think painting the middle section is a more sporty look. Luckily I have a good paint guy for advice, he doesn't think the plastic will be a problem with proper prep. i.e. sanding, acetone, primer etc..

Somewhere I saw G6 mirrors with turn signals in them, they were more rounded.

Here's a pic of the middle section painted from the G6 GXP concept-

Good luck!
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