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Painting chrome on grill

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I have seen a few cars on the forums who have painted the chrome around top front grill - first off I think it looks real sharp and would love to make this change to my vehicle as well (I like chrome, but on other peoples cars haha)
What all is involved? Where did you get the factory paint (all I can find are the small touch up bottles)? Did you have to sand blast/sand the chrome for the paint to stick?
I know I ask a lot of questions so thank you for any/all help.
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I used a a very light wet sand not to remove the chrome but rough it up enough to let the primer grip.
So 1500 grit automotive sand paper around $3
Then automotive primer
And i actually found auto spray paint that matched my car very close.
There are color codes for each car if you want to get exact and order of line for around 15 bucks plus shipping.
Also some Good clear coat.

Ill look in my garage in a min and get the names of primer and clear that has worked very well.

But basically its

  1. Light Wet sand ( if you sand to much the finished product will look like layered instead of smooth)
  2. two coats of primer
  3. 2-3 coats of paint (depends on color)
  4. two coats of clear

You want to allow say 15-30 min between coats depending on how much of a hurry your in.

But i hand wash my car and its as strong as the factory paint no chipping, fading or bubbling.
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I like working on projects especially in the summer open up the garage and spend all day in there. Im lucky enough to have a small tv in there to help pass the time between coats.

but painting the interior trim is basically the same setup as this.
All the doors are easy the driver door has a couple star shaped bolts in there under this rubber trim that comes out its not attached in any way. then ones those are out it pops up
Then take your time with the buttons like you said. Thats the only hard one the others pop out easy there pressure clipped in those go out towards you if your sitting in the seat.
I can get mine out with a large flat head with some duct tape on them. so it wont scratch.
So here is the stuff i used to paint pretty cheap at Meijer Probabbly walmart has it all to.

You can use a prying tool to work of the top corner then slowly work down
(i actually just pulled with my hands and got this off LOL)

Yeah my car is pretty dirty at the moment.

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Not going to say taking in the stuff to a shop isnt a good i dea. Heck if you do that i would pay them to do the whole thing. But ive had this stuff done for a years and looks like the day i did it. Not rushing through the steps and proper prep is very important.
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