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Painting chrome on grill

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I have seen a few cars on the forums who have painted the chrome around top front grill - first off I think it looks real sharp and would love to make this change to my vehicle as well (I like chrome, but on other peoples cars haha)
What all is involved? Where did you get the factory paint (all I can find are the small touch up bottles)? Did you have to sand blast/sand the chrome for the paint to stick?
I know I ask a lot of questions so thank you for any/all help.
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please everybody dont use that cheap clear from the can it tends to run fade crack scratch chip very easily just take whatever parts you have into a body shop that will clear coat the parts for you shouldnt cost no more than like 20$ to do little jobs like that..when i took in my taillights to get clearcoated after tinting them guy only charged me 10$ and he buffed and waxed the taillights for the hell of it cuz he loved how they looked
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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