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Painting chrome on grill

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I have seen a few cars on the forums who have painted the chrome around top front grill - first off I think it looks real sharp and would love to make this change to my vehicle as well (I like chrome, but on other peoples cars haha)
What all is involved? Where did you get the factory paint (all I can find are the small touch up bottles)? Did you have to sand blast/sand the chrome for the paint to stick?
I know I ask a lot of questions so thank you for any/all help.
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Awesome, thanks for the quick response! I will def check into everything you said, as well as looking for the name brands (if they even matter). I was worried about the sanding part, had a friend who did exactly like you said, too much and it looked layered, not what I'm going for. I'd rather find the exact color (midnight blue metallic just doesnt cut it haha) and as far as the time involved - same as the specific coloring, if I'm going to do this I want to do it right so if it takes half a day to a day, who cares. I'm trying to get everything lined up so I can purchase all the paint and do everything at once. Again, thanks for the info maybe I'll be able to do half as good of a job as you did!
haha - you beat me to my next post! I saw someone who had the red painted on the interior, and I thought it looked really good. I assume they just took all the gray pieces and painted them to the color of their choice - much difficulty in taking them off? I see no issues with the center console coming up easy, but worried about the doors w/ switches involved - last thing I need to do is break a plastic pin haha.
I gotta say, you have been a life saver already and I haven't even dug into my car yet! haha. I might end up doing similar to what you did, but off setting the inside black/white/chrome (maybe, maybe) but either way it looks awesome for sure!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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