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Painting chrome on grill

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I have seen a few cars on the forums who have painted the chrome around top front grill - first off I think it looks real sharp and would love to make this change to my vehicle as well (I like chrome, but on other peoples cars haha)
What all is involved? Where did you get the factory paint (all I can find are the small touch up bottles)? Did you have to sand blast/sand the chrome for the paint to stick?
I know I ask a lot of questions so thank you for any/all help.
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since you guys were talking about the front grill. i have a question. my front top right mesh grill looks like it is half off. i dont know if it has clips on the side or something. but maybe one of you guys know how to put it back on. it is hooked on one side just indented on the other side. your answers will help a lot considering my parents will yell at me when they see it. thanks!!:)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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