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Painting Help Needed

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hey i have a 2005 G6 V6 Sedan White

i just watched a video on how to paint brake calipers and how to paint rims
For the video on the calipers
in it they didnt use primer or clearcoat, i was wondering if i
use primer before i paint and clearcoat after i paint,
also how many coats should i use..i have duplicolor red caliper paint?

and for my question about painting the rims

you should sand first them primer?
then sand again and primer again?
then paint (i have duplicolor wheel coat black)
then clearcoat?

if anyone could walk me through both steps because the videos i watched sucked
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the best guy for you to talk with is lampoon. he could walk u through it pretty well. also there is another thread about painting calipers, there is some detail instructions on it. jus check it
Yes...im not lazy but this question has been answered many times....
I just answered you on yout other thread where u asked the same thing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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