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I'm considering painting some of the pieces on the interior of my G6 couple like the one done in this thread

I plan on using 3 Colors; Red, Gun metal (dark grey), and Black.
The Red will be the primary color used, and the grey will be used as accents. The black will only be used for the dome lamps.

I know a little bit about painting as I have done some PC case mods in the past, but I'm no expert. I know it takes patience, and at least several layers for a good, durable coat.
Basically, I'm looking for some reccomendations as to what brands to buy. I want a high quality paint that will resist fading. I don't want my red turning pink in one summer lol! And also some tips to make a nice smooth, shiny coat that will be durable for regular handling.

My plan is to order the parts that I plan on painting and paint them prior to instlling them on the vehicle. So that way it's not the end of the world if I screw something up, or if something doesn't look as good as I thought it would.

BTW, for the black paint. I would want a lower gloss, like a satin finish.
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