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same problem

Panel #2 in my panoramic roof is loose. Everytime I close the driver's door from outside I can see the panel jump up! I can open the headliner and from inside push up on the panel and open it. Standing along side the car I can pry the panel open with my fingers. It is still attached along the front edge but the rear edge is just resting in place. I examined the mechanism and can see where pins on both ends of the rear edge appear to be missing. I wonder if these were some kind of a plastic shear pin that broke off when too much force was put on the panel while opening or closing. Anyone had experience with this?
I have the same problem, the pins came out on my second panel but i got lucky and still have the pins. i can push them back in place and it works for a little bit but then they just fall back out again. does anyone have any ideas on how re-secure the pins so they stay?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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