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Given that your "new" G6 is a 2005 model, the entire roof replacement should be under factory warranty & shouldn't cost you squat! Further more, since this (or these) occurrances are happening frequently, the dealer SHOULD also provide you a loaner at no cost to you.

I have had absolutely no problems with my panoramic roof. However, I also don't drive near as much as the majority of the rest of you do. When I bought mine, I knew the technology was new & supposedly on the cutting edge (here in the states) & presumed I would be able to hear wind noises with the roof closed - as I do. Fortunately, these noises are not disturbing to me as I usually have the Monsoon going. :D

I for one, would like to hear what goes down with the continuation of this problem. These errors are GM's & should not bear any weight on the consumer what-so-ever.
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