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I hit a curb last night, not sure if it can be repaired or not, but I am looking at possibly buying a new rim or used rim, but need to figure out the part number. I checked the rim and did not see any codes/numbers.

I found this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/07-10-PONTIAC-G6-08-12-CHEVROLET-MALIBU-17X7-STEEL-WHEEL-STEEL-RIM-OPT-P22-/371274181767?hash=item5671aa6c87:g:o3EAAOSw4SlV74wq&vxp=mtr

But in the description it doesn't say it will fit G6, only in the title.

Are there any cheaper options? I need something by tomorrow afternoon.

Would a rim from any other car fit the same, maybe a cobalt?
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