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"performance chips"

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I'm new to this site and a 2007 G6 GT owner..I'm not familiar with any "chips" available for the G6 but JetChips.com does make/sell a Performance Module that installs between the main wire harness and ECM..for those that are interested..
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as far as chips go its all BS!! Allthough there is one guy on here who has a jet and he says it works but ive never heard anything else about em. Dont waste money on that ebay crap. you have to get your computer tuned .
...he also confessed that he dropped HP adding it.

Id stay away from Jet products. The only thing it does inline with your MAF is affect the sensor reading. That sends it into burst mode (failsoft) which then retards everything as it views it as not working right.

Get with a tuner...there are 3 you can send it to or find someone with a dyno and HP Tuning software...although I would be hesitant to let someone do that who doesnt have experince with the G6.

Either way its a costly mod but it will wake your G6 up!
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Oh man that sounds soo good right now.....
Oh man that sounds soo good right now.....
Even more so tonight, it's Taco Tuesday at pretty much every Mexican restaurant around...

~ MattInSoCal
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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