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Where can I find good deals on G-6 performance parts. IE...Rotors, Air system, gauges...etc.
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A good start is to look through the supporting vender list.

COOL! search button here is really very handy! looks like PartsForYourCar.com is the best place to buy pontiac performance partshttp://www.racepages.com/accessories/pontiac.html since it has many threads compared to
Lexani Wheels, Discount Tire Direct, CARiD.com and Southwest Wheel.
this site has tons of things for any car, just search for your car and it'll give you lists of parts.
thanks buddy! i am using it now. it is really complete. thank you again for sharing this!

These sites are very good. Thank you very much! :D :beer:
I got my rotors here: http://www.r1concepts.com/
Intake here: http://www.crabintakes.com/
Gauge face here: http://www.blackcatcustom.com - MPH Versions and http://www.blackcatcustom.ca - for the KMH Versions
My exhaust is made by these guys: http://www.classic4performance.com/
Wheels & tires from these fine folks: http://www.discounttire.com/dtcs/home.do
My Ram Air Hood from Eric here: http://www.mpd1.com/content/pontiac.html
Headlights from: http://stores.ebay.com/SABERSPORT
Various bulbs: http://www.autolumination.com
HID's: http://www.ddmtuning.com
Tune: http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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