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I wanted something to haul stuff as well as my motorbike(s).
After I ruled out pickup trucks, I decided to bite the bullet and put a hitch on my 2006 G6 convertible and get a small utility trailer.

I took the G6 to Waymires here in Indy, a place that specializes in hitches. They put it on for me and wired it up for electric to power the trailer's brake lights. It cost me $376.78 and includes all the stuff you see in the picture.

It took them about 2.5 hours. The hitch is rated at 3500 lbs and is a class 2.

Note: maybe if I buy another chrome exhaust pipe tip, I can get it to cover the hitch and make it look like a 3rd (center) exhaust pipe?!

I am currently shopping for a small (5x8) lightweight open utility or motorcycle trailer. The all aluminum ones are neat, but cost about double.

Since the car is not supposed to tow over 1000 lbs. I may have to go with just a 1-bike hauler. It appears the lightest aluminum 5x8 weighs around 350 lbs. and my bikes weight between 325 lbs and 550 lbs.

Does anyone use a stock G6 to tow two motor bikes?


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