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I just picked up yesterday a 07 GT Coupe with 70k miles on it and I am loving it so far!! Only issue was the washer hose came disconnected, so when trying to reconnect it, i realized that it didn't fall off, it cracked off, so I had to go and buy a new nozzle from the dealership for $26 :eek::banghead:
That, and I found a spot by the wheel well that has some paint cracking up, and rust water leaking out, so I'll have to get area repainted, so first impressions may not be the best so far, but everything else seems to be workin great!

It's all stock as of now, and I probably won't go crazy with mods like i did with my last vehicle ((02 Liberty lifted on 32" mud tires)needed better gas mileage) but things I want to do eventually include K&N drop in filter, windows tinted, ipod adapter, and possibly painting the rims/inside of the lights. Oh, and remove that ugly a$$ plate holder, i tried this morning, and it theres no heads on the screws holding it in! :mad::banghead:

Here's some dealer photos:

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