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Robyn P said:
I like the grill too!! I've been looking for one like it for a few weeks now!! :p
ok, i give....am i MISSING SOMETHING?

i know i'm old & feeble-minded, but apparently my EYESIGHT has taken a turn for the worse.......WHAT GRILLE? looks like the same grille thats in MY G6. are you refering to the 'wire mesh' in the lower Fascia that would go around the Foglamps on the standard G6, G6 GT and GTP? if so, then YEA i want that TOO!

only if i coulg find the same type of 'mesh' with chrome around it so that it matches the upper grilles....i'm just a bit 'anal' when it comes to stuff like that!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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