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from upload screen i click on browse, pick desktop(where pics are located) click on desired pic, click open, then upload. after about a min it says upload failed, file too big or wrong file type

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You'll need to resize your photos;
Right click on the file (photo)
select "open with"
chose "microsoft office picture manager"
once your photo opens go to the top and click "edit pictures" and click
a side bar will open and at the bottom of it you will see "resize", click.
then select "predefined width x height"
click on the drop down and select "web-large"
once you do this then select "OK"
Your photo will be resized. You'll need to "save" this photo or "save as". then you can load it on the web site.

That was the hard way!

Do you have a photobucket account?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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