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Pictures of my G6

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This is my 2005 G6.

Each of the following pictures has a story...

I was just leaving my school, walking through the parking lot, when I heard a gut-wrenching noise; the sound of car on car....A dark blue Honda flew by, quickly exiting the lot.

I came too late. My car was wounded. I started the engine, and took off after the miserable bastard. At first, I was only keeping tabs on the Honda by seeing it go around corners, but I caught up and followed them home. Asked for $100 and said I'd forget about it. They agreed.

This little crack is actually part of a huge story. Me and girlfriend were having a HUGE fight. I'd had enough, so decided to leave. Jumped in my car, floored it. I took a curve to fast in heavy rain, narrowly missed 2 lightpoles and a railroad crossing marker, and then broadsided a Chrysler van, destroying the headlight and cracking the body.

Ended up costing me about 1200 dollars to fix, as my front axle and right front tire were also hurt.

So, that's my car.
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Cool stories, cool pics too!
Thanks. Geewhiz, do you know anything about painting?
I like the pictures.
That story is the reason why I'm afraid to park in any parking lot..ugh..someone did the same thing to my old car.
Then chase after them! lol

Do what I do now, just park at the back.
Thanks. Geewhiz, do you know anything about painting?
Only general knowledge. Do you plan to touch up the spots?
Not exactly...

I am planning on painting the whole car black. My friends keep telling me to take it to Maaco. I've checked their website, and any time I call there it's always busy. I was wondering if you had any idea on what it might cost.
Nice some one with the same model as me I've had some friends with body kits get the car repainted and it IMO doesn't look the same smoothness but then again it depends on where you go The main thing is the prep work how much sanding and how smooth you get the car before paint.
Daniel is right! And OMG your just like me if someone hit or bumped or scratched or looked at my car the wrong way i chase them ha ha. jk bout the look part but ya. i would be upset to if that happened to me!
Yeah, I was pretty pissed. I've decided I'm just gonna do it with my girlfriend's dad next month. Bunk at their place for a month, pay for paint, and me and him can do it together. A nice bonding experience.
That sounds like it would be a good time, you should keep us updated with pictures im easily amused with painting for some reason. i just painted interior pieces and painted the chrome on the front end
I've always liked your car, Daniel. I meant a week, not a month.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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