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Pictures with New Tails!

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I went out today and took some pictures of my car with my new tinted tails.

(Click it for more pics)
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Car looks awesome, (white is probably my fav color for coupes) . I would have bought a white gtp also but the dealership that had one in my area are jerks/high pressure, so went with black at another dealer.
Awesome pictures! I really like the back grounds too!!!!
What part of the country?
It is northeastern pa, I live in a pretty rural place.
your car really looks great with those new tails!
It is kinda sad how inactive this forum is that I have like 4 threads on this page heh.
I forgot to say before thanks to everyone for there great comments.:)
I got them from unique coatings.
Looks very cool!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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