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I can't for the life of me figure out how to change something from off to on under the menu options. For instance, I'd like to switch the delay locks to off.. but can't figure out how to switch it.. I've pushed every button in the car. Can someone please tell me how to do this??

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MENU: Press this button while the ignition is on to
scroll through each of the personalization options in the
following order. To avoid excessive drain on the
battery, it is recommended that the headlamps are
turned off. If the vehicle is moving faster than 2 mph
(3 km/h), the personalization menu options are not
available, except for the UNITS option. All of the
personalization options may not be available on your
vehicle. Only the options available display on the DIC.
• Oil Life Reset
• Units Selection (English/Metric)
• Tire Learn?, on vehicles without the Remote
Keyless Entry (RKE) system
• Remote Start Capability
• Horn Chirp During Remote Keyless Entry Locking
• Horn Chirp During Remote Keyless Entry Unlocking
• Exterior Light Flash During Remote Keyless
Entry Locking or Unlocking
• Delayed Locking
• Automatic Vehicle Unlocking: Specific Doors
• Automatic Vehicle Unlocking: When Key is Off or
When Shift To Park
• Exterior Perimeter Lighting During Remote Keyless
Entry Unlock
• Select Language: (English, French, Spanish or
When the desired option is reached, press the enter
button to toggle between the modes of that option. To
make a selection, press the MENU button again.
If no selection is made within 10 seconds, the display
reverts back to the previous information displayed.
The MENU mode is exited when the information button
is pressed, a 10 second time period has elapsed,
the ignition is turned off, or the end of the MENU list is
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