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Pontiac '05 bra

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Looking for official GM product front end bra (2 piece) with G6 logo...

Or if someone can point me to a place online that has these?

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I think you can go to the Pontiac web site now.
just got mine from the dealership
they were having a 20% off sale
2 piece black with "Pontiac G6" on it
Thanks Lampoon, I've been hunting ebay for awhile now. I found a wind reflector for $15brand new unopened :) I'm considering the LeBra but if I can find a genuine bra with G6 logo for less than $100 that is the goal...

I couldn't believe this auction went as high as $80++ you can buy the same LeBra for BUYITNOW $59 :p

Thanks though for posting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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