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alright. I'm just gonna list all the problems my g6 is having. the error codes that are tripping and the things i have already replaced. any help would be greatly appreciated as this problem has stumped a few certified techs.

slow acceleration wont rev up past 2500-3500 rpm. have to left off the gas in order to shift in the next gear. smooth idle. in park it sounds smooth when revving up until 2000 rpms then it sounds like it just bogs down. the sound becomes very hollow instead of the normal sound of a rev if that makes sense. it feels like the engine is just begging for more but then nothing. when driving you can only push the gas a lil bit like a sweet spot. if you floor it it bogs down and the rpm drops like a rock and sounds very hollow again.
Error codes
I have replaced the MAS air sensor, The camshaft position sensor, air filter, plugs and connectors. cleaned the throttle body. oil change and filter. ran fuel injector treatment. i unhooked the O2 sensor from the catalytic converter with no change in performance mentioned above.
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