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Hi all, I have a G6 I'm looking at but just looking around and I can get a good condition 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt1. It's a little older than I want but obviously much cheaper. It has the 3800 series V6, not sure if that's the turbo one or not? I don't know too much about the Grand Prix. I compared the cars online and they are very similar in specs. I like the exterior on the GP although it does seem a bit dated compared the the G6. I however am not the biggest fan of the interior of the GP as it reminds me a lot of the older GM cars with the bubbly dashes and big buttons (and what in the world is with all the damned vents??)

The GP is pretty clean, is five years older and has 30k more miles than the G6 I'm looking at but is also $2k cheaper than the G6.

I'm leaning towards the G6 even though it costs more because I would plan to keep it for a long while, and honestly the part that matters the most when I'm commuting so much every day is the interior which is more modern and is black! (I have never liked light or grey colored interiors).

What do you guys think? What are the pros and cons between the two? I have not test driven the GP yet so I can't say anything specific about this one (I have never even been in one before). Whereas I have owned a G6 and really liked it enough that I'm looking for another one.


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