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The 2010 model lineup for the soon-to-be-terminated Pontiac brand will consist of just one model - the Vibe.

Recently GM interim CEO Fritz Henderson reiterated the company's position that the G8 would not carry on as either a Buick, Chevy or Cadillac. The G3 and G5 will also cease production this year, while the G6 will only be made available to government, corporate and rental car fleets.

There has been no word lately on the Solstice model. GM had made it known that it would consider offers for the Solstice (as well as the Saturn Sky and Opel GT) as a separate entity, but with the sale of Saturn to Penske, that now seems unlikely.

In an effort to spice up sales of the final run of the Vibe, Pontiac will offer the car with air conditioning standard, and make it available in a new color - Ignition Orange.

GM's official line is that it wants to work with Toyota on a new vehicle to build at the joint GM-Toyota NUMI plant in California where sister cars the Vibe and Martix are produced, but our sources have indicated that GM wants out.

While the Vibe is a great car, we hope the sad irony of a vehicle built for utilitarian purposes being the last one offered by the company's performance brand is not lost on the folks at GM.

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Why end your GM PowerHouse Division? Pontiac Has had its up and down like everyone else. But they need to stop have the same car with a different badge. Keep the G8, G6 and G5. Give the G5 a GXP trim to go with the Cobalt SS.
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