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If you haven't already joined the 300+ Pontiac Owners with over 450 Pontiac's then I encourage you to join. This is not a club or a petition. This is a day to say "Thank You" to GM for the Pontiac marquee, which started in 1926 and which will end in 2010.

I know that this day falls on a Tuesday, but the reason for it being on a Tuesday and not over the weekend is because May 31st is the last day the dealerships can sell and advertise a Pontiac as a Pontiac dealership. By midnight on the May 31st Pontiac Motor Division officially ceases to exists.

Jim Hallman, President of the Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts says, “Drive your Pontiac to work, a car show, or to the golf course, it does not matter where, just enjoy it on this day”. He added, “We want Pontiac owners to relive the excitement that General Motors has supported since the inception of the Pontiac brand. This is our way of saying thanks to GM”.

For more information on this day and to view the list that keeps on growing visit www.pontiactributeday.com

Thank You,

Here's to you Pontiac :beer:
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