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:cool:I bought a pontiac g6 last year,2009 base with the 4 cylinder.Candy sport red model.I had the moonroof put in it.Everything i like about this car,except for a few small,but inportant details.The car that i tested out beford hand the vanity lights for the sun visior.But after buying mind i reliezed,my does not have them.For my,wife or the ladies,I think they should of put thoses in.Even my 1990 camry had them.Also no light in the glove box.Cup holdes are not position good for driving.I sometimes smash into my waterbottle beford reaching the shifter.These things i can work around them,But really,no vanity lights,Pontiac has enough money for those's.I also changed my wheels and tire's(Personal preference)I now have new ave rims with 19 inch tires.Car looks great!I also put in a new portable onyx satalite,xm .The screen has more info scholling all the time,and nicer to look at.Beside this,everything is great for this car.!!:)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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