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~Post Updated Pics Of Your G6 Here~

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Nice pics Justin.:cool:
thanks man i wanna be in the next g6 of the month.
Good luck.:beer:
how does my sig look?

.~*Crazy J*~.
2007 Pontiac G6 Color: Black
Mods: 35% windshield the rest are 15%, Magnaflow exhaust, K&N Cold Air Intake, LED reverse lights, Fogs, Lows, and Highs are 8000K HIDS, Vectors Tuner Chip, Complete Kicker System (6X9, Tweeters, 6 1/2, and 12" subs) with a 750.1 4 channel kicker amp, Visor strobes, headlight and tail light strobes, Red LED interior lights and trunk lights.

Very nice:bow2:
:DLampoon, you're a fricking trip!:D
lampoon hey do those upper recessed grills work for the 2007 pontiac g6 cause it says 2008 just wanted to make sure that they should fit? Im doing but 10 more mods to my car in the next two weeks

Hey Justin, ya got those newer pics yet?
Looks good!
New ones;

and more;

Alright, I'm bumping this up to this page. I hate when a pic post is the last one.(It might just be me?)
Yes, we bought it like that. Do you know how I can fix it w/o buying a new one? I thought about taking it off (the headlamp) but its not that big a deal. But if you know how I will do it.
(Good fricken catch "J"!)
Back in my early 20s I used to detail cars at my home for extra money. I only did four cars a weekend but it was worth it to me and the clients.

The pics above, I took them Sunday morning at the Mall of Louisiana.

edit; I removed the nasty comments
Good point Robert! I withdraw my nasty comments.:)
A little photoshopping;

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Lampoon, you got more pics of the meet?
Looks good Bryce.
might do that magnaflow thing today at the car wash i dont know how it will turn out just to warn you im using my camera phone but im sure its decent.
Dude, just drive down here and I'll hook you up with a good video clip of your 6!!:D
Dan, nice ride!
LOL, been there done that.
The G6 is white and the Civic is silver, easy to keep those colors clean.
CRAP! you can really see the dent with the awesome shine too!:D

But really sorry your 6 got a smack.:(
I like it.
1 - 20 of 377 Posts
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