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I wish I didnt have to have a front plate. Looks awesome.
New ones;

and more;

Alright, I'm bumping this up to this page. I hate when a pic post is the last one.(It might just be me?)
Mike that car is so clean n pretty :D
Mike did the cover for your low beam fall off?
Yes, we bought it like that. Do you know how I can fix it w/o buying a new one? I thought about taking it off (the headlamp) but its not that big a deal. But if you know how I will do it.
(Good fricken catch "J"!)
lol that happened to me to at one time before i put in my hids! lol

Anyway I just took the headlight off and did some surgery with it

All I did was take like a big pair of tweezers and tilt the light back to grab it then just lined it up with the hole and pushed it back in the hole that it is supposed to be in. You might not get it the first couple of times but then you would be able to and DO NOT buy another headlight for that reason dealer says they want $200 something for that headlight you could get one off ebay if you dont feel like messing with it. But like I said take it off tilt it back till you can grab it with a pair of big tweezers then just line it up with the hole and pull towards you. you might have to pull back alittle on the cover into that hole but not to much. :)
Mike you wanna detail my car? lol
Back in my early 20s I used to detail cars at my home for extra money. I only did four cars a weekend but it was worth it to me and the clients.

The pics above, I took them Sunday morning at the Mall of Louisiana.

edit; I removed the nasty comments
Hes just doing his job.....dont be a hater. With terrorists taking pix of malls etc
I know they have to be careful. Next time leave your turbin off and you should be alright.
Good point Robert! I withdraw my nasty comments.:)
lampoon i noticed that you have the aux input on your 05 g6 did you upgrade to the 08 model cd deck.let me know how much $$.I have an 07 guess i should have waited a year to buy mine,thank you
yes I did...cost me like $256 or so then I paid for the TECH2 time at the dealership to program it. I bought the single disk so I wouldnt have changer problems down the road like I did with my 05 changer.

Here is my new ride.
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i don't see anything
A little photoshopping;

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Took this at our G6 meet and greet on Saturday....

then the meet:
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Lampoon, you got more pics of the meet?
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