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Power seat

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I have a 2006 GTP coupe with power driver's seat. (Wonder how come a power passenger seat is not even an option?)
Almost since new, the seat would stop functioning in the forward/back mode while retaining all other functions. The dealer investigated and found the switch had come unplugged so reconnected it and that seemed to end the problem except about a few weeks later, the seat started jamming again and so this time the dealer put in a new switch. Within three days this time the problem was back.
The 'sticking' lasts anywhere from a few minutes to two or three days; ever try to drive a standard when the seat is stuck in the full 'back' position!??!
Has anyone either experienced a similar problem or has found a solution to the problem?
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Yes I had the same problem. I ohmed out the switch and it worked fine. I cleaned all the contacts and the plug with electrical contact cleaner. No problems since. You will have to remove the switch to do this as you don't want to get that contact cleaner on the plastic bits.

I used LPS electro contact cleaner. You should be able to get it at a hardware store or industrial supply place.
Well mine did not click it just stopped working. Yes I cleaned all the contacts and plugs from the switch to the motor. You will have to pop the switch out and the little leaver off.

If it is clicking or making noise like it wants to move, you may have the tracks binding. here is instructions if seat is out of alignment.

If the seat is or was ever removed you will have to do this.

The fore/aft manual adjuster is composed of an inboard track assembly (5), and outboard track (4) assembly, and an adjuster handle (1). Each track assembly is made of an upper track (2) and a lower track (3). Both tracks need to be aligned prior to installing in the vehicle.

To align the front seat tracks, do the following:
1. Remove the seat from the vehicle.
2. Put the seat upside down on a table, or on the floor as shown.

3. Unlock both tracks by pushing the adjuster handle down.

4. While pushing the adjuster handle down, move each lower track rearward until contact between the end travel stops.

5. Release the adjuster handle.

6. Move each lower track forward until an audible noise is heard, indicating that the track is fully locked.

7. At this stage both manual tracks are aligned.
8. Measure the overhang from the front edge of the plastic end cap (1) on the lower track to the front edge of the upper track (2). Measurement for each track must be 138 mm or as close as possible.

9. Install the seat in the vehicle without touching the adjuster handle. Then tighten the rear bolts prior to any track adjustment.

10. While sitting in the seat, cycle the tracks fore/aft and lock the tracks at different positions. Check to see whether the tracks are aligned.

11. Visually inspect the tracks, adjust the upper tracks flush with the front of the lower tracks. Check that the configuration in locked position is identical for both inboard (1) and outboard tracks (2).

You may just want to look and see if there is something stuck in the track. Cigarette lighter, candy, 300 year old french fry...ect
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Thanks Jetmech.

BTW, what acft do you work on?

I"m an engine tech for the most part. GE90, Rolls Royce BR 715/710, GE CF34-8/-10, Rolls Royce T56, 54H60 Props, T700, Rolls Royce T64...and a host of other engines and airframes.
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