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Power seat

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I have a 2006 GTP coupe with power driver's seat. (Wonder how come a power passenger seat is not even an option?)
Almost since new, the seat would stop functioning in the forward/back mode while retaining all other functions. The dealer investigated and found the switch had come unplugged so reconnected it and that seemed to end the problem except about a few weeks later, the seat started jamming again and so this time the dealer put in a new switch. Within three days this time the problem was back.
The 'sticking' lasts anywhere from a few minutes to two or three days; ever try to drive a standard when the seat is stuck in the full 'back' position!??!
Has anyone either experienced a similar problem or has found a solution to the problem?
GTP driver
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loud noise in seat ,viration

i moved my driver seat in the back, up and down when i did it made a loud rumble or vibration noise still moved up and down but just really loudily set on the seat and its even louder i looked under the seat and the cyclined is not hitting off anything it seems to be inside it anyone help me out
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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