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2007 Pontiac G6 3.9 GT Convertable
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So I just installed new speaker in the front doors on my 2007 convertible gt with monsoon and ran new speaker wire through the driver door I didn't drill the molex connector I just drilled a small hole through the plastic clip that hold the rubber boot to the car. It was a pain to run the wire and I might have pulled or a wire caught something sharp cause when I plug the door harness plug back in to the car all the windows roll down and I can't get them to roll back up. It's like all the buttons on the window switch are being held down but they are not.

Right now I just need them to roll up for security reasons I will hunt the issue down when I have time. Does anyone know what wire for each window on the switch I need to put power to or ground to make them go up. I have a power probe so should be easy then I can just leave the switch unplugged for now. I have a wire diagram which I am not the best at reading but maybe it will help others out.
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