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Hello Everyone, I recently went to the junkyard and picked up a few of the dash pads/vent covers for our g6's and was wanting to sell them. I tried to put a price of 150 obo on Facebook and all people would say is that they could go to the junkyard and get their own for $20. Yes, that is what I did, but I did the work, I spent two hours going to the yard and coming back home, pulling them and paying for them. I even cleaned them, packed them up, and have them ready to ship. They always say on those g6 pages that they have a cracked dash, but don't want to pay to get a new one.

So what should I ask for them? I don't want to rip people off, but I don't want to give them out for free...

I originally got them just to help others out, but If I have to pay to ship them, I might as well make some money, you know?

And I can't find them on ebay or on other sites, so I guess I have an advantage, but I don't want to take advantage...


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