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Problem with Monsoon auto equalizer settings

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Anytime I change the radio station it changes back to the rock equalizer setting, which cranks the bass way up and turns the treble down to half, this makes it very annoying anytime I want to change a radio station because I have to readjust it every time or it sounds terrible. Is there any way to make it just stay on the custom equalizer settings when it changes instead of resetting every time to the rock equalizer? Thanks for your help.
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It seems that the press and hold function is common on the radio. Once on the setting you like, Press and hold the Auto EQ button. If you hear a beep, It has locked it in place.
Just tried it with no success :( any other ideas? I never got an owner's manual since I bought it used but I've looked at them online and they don't say anything about it as far as I can tell.
the book doesn't tell you much about the radio. Wish i can find out who made the radio.
anyone else know what to do for it?
Checking in the manual…. I can only see were the EQ is set/locked to an individual Preset Stations during their set-up. Tune to the desired station, Press the “Auto Tone/Auto EQ” to select the equalization desired, then Press and hold the numbered pushbutton until it beeps to lock both channel and EQ to that particular button. Hope this helps…..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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