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Hey everybody i just joined this site thinking that you guys might be able to help me.

So i'll start off by telling the problem and as from the title it's the speakers. I was playing music quite high and suddenly 5 of my 8 speakers stopped working, after messing around with balance and fade i figured that the only ones working are the tweeter on the driver side (barely though) and the two back ones. So the main ones are not working and i get no bass.

I checked the fuse boxes and i don't have a shot one and at this point in time i have no money to get it checked and i can't identify whether it's the amp not working, bad wires or the speakers dead.

I currently have a friend who's a mechanic and he is going to get me the same speakers from another car like mine for free.

So my questions are:

What is the most likely option to why the most of the speakers are not working?
How would i be able to reach the amplifier if it is the cause of the problem?
How would i reach the speakers if i'm to replace them on my own? (pictures or a link would be appreciated)

And i also have an amp for two 10' subs and some help on installing them on my own would be really appreciated.

I know i have a lot of questions but looking up on Google doesn't give a good answer.

Thanks in advance.
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