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I'm sure there is a thread about this already, so I aplogize for starting another one but since I've just joined I haven't looked past the first page of topics yet, lol.

Anyway I'm going to get a G6 tomorrow or the next day...it's a green 2007 sedan, 4cyl engine. Has 48,700 miles on it and is priced at $10,999. I hope I'm getting a good price for the year & amount of mileage :confused:

Anyway...have you guys had any problems with yours? Anything major? I have read several not so good reviews, but there's negative reviews about everything I suppose. And on the flipside, I have read several good reviews too.

My other option was a maroon 2009 G6 with 33,000 miles on it for $15,122...but that was too high for me to go, and that car was kinda dinged up. There was also a red one (with a sunroof and maybe even leather seats) 2009 as well for $13,977. That may have been a good deal...but it's a rental car and the day I was looking at cars it was just being rented out, so I didn't pursue it...

Sorry this got so long, and a bit off topic.
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