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Problems with the F40 ??!!

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Hi guys, new to the forum, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the 6-speed F40 transmission ??!! I have a 2007 G6 GT, 3.9. This is my second stick car, and I don't know all that much about how manual transmissions work on the inside ( Like, I get HOW but I'm not familiar with the pieces )

Butttt-- problem issss-- For some reason, it's giving me a hard time shifting into first/reverse, and second gear... like, I go to shift into first/or/reverse and it's like hitting a brick wall, and I have to force it back into the general neutral position which feels like it's binding as is, and try a couple times to get it to go into gear...

I used to be able to get it into second and then up into first, but now it's giving me a hard time even getting into second... reverse I usually just have to sit there nd fight with until I finally get aggravated enough to man handle it, and even that sometimes doesn't work... even downshifting it won't let me shift down into second most of the time.

Third will occasionally lock me out, but otherwise, 3-6 are perfectly fine...

I've had this car for about 7 months, I got it with about 52K on it, it now has 55.5K on it, There's no rhyme or reason like there used to be, happens regardless of whether it's cold/hot, humid, etc... it first started when I let it sit over the weekend, and then it would be fine... then it would do it when it would be humid, then be OK... but now it's starting to do it CONSTANTLY, and I'm about to roll this thing off a cliff...

Any advice to a F40 novice would be much approved :crying: I can't stand being in the middle of an intersection and not being able to get it into gear...

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I had a similar problem when I got my '06 GTP. It had been sitting with a blown motor for 2 years by the time I got it.
My fix was to grease the linkage under the hood a few times with a can of white lithium grease (spray can).
It's been good ever since!
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