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Programming remote for '05

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I bought a remote for my 2005 G6 online, and I thought that it was supposed to come with programming instructions, but didn't. I think it was my own mistake, in retrospect, so I can't fault the seller.

The dealership can program it, but wants a whopping $150! The place I bought it from says they can supply instructions for $50, but before I spend that much money I'm curious if it's public information. I only paid $30 for the remote, and if I had known that programming it was so expensive then I wouldn't have worried about it.

So, does anyone know how to program the remote? It will be a replacement for the existing one.

(For the record, I made sure that the model number is the same as the existing fob, so it should be compatible)


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I don't know if this works or not, but i found it on a google search, it's worth trying. Clicky

PS. scroll down to Don B's post.
hmm ... try a different dealer ... mine charged me $35 to get a brand new one programed ...

i doubt that the remote is programable without a scantool ...
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