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Projector and LED taillight groupbuy possibility

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Hey guys,
There is a poll asking who would be interested in having custom projection headlights and/or LED taillights made. It is going to take some tremendous interest though; so please come cast your vote and spread the word to anyone with a G6 or with a friend with one!!!

The reason we don't have more mods is because the manufacturers aren't bombarded with hundreds of requests (yes, hundreds is the target here). I realize that it is unlikely we can generate enough interest, but we certainly won't if we don't try.

:bowl: Please visit this link, cast your vote and spread the word to everyone who might dream of being interested! :bowl:
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hope this link works

but basicaly there are projector headlights for G6 ... they're just not very popular ... they will get more popular though with time

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were did you find those at i want a set and the link above dont work.
oh i think i'm about to make your day ... i found the web site where you can order them

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