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Prospective G6 owner, presently a confessed 'Tek

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Some planets have come to a conjunction and I find that it may be time to update my wheels. Presently, my daily driver is an Aztek GT, yes, I not only bought one, I sought it out, got a smokin deal on a highly optioned GT and it has been a fairly decent rig over the years and 165, 900 miles. It's my work rig, I repair copiers so I go from office to office all day.
When I bought it, gas was a buck and change, now, it's 3 bucks and change. The Tek doesn't do so poorly in the mileage dept, I've been averaging 23 overall, still, I'd like to do better. I'm starting to get some stink eye from the employers, they pay me a base+mileage for using my car, but given the age and mileageI'm due for a big decrease and I am starting to have to pay taxes on the money I get over the IRS equivalent, and finally my youngest daughter is getting ready to start driving. The wife wants to put her in something like a D*dge Caravan or similar, I say why buy one when we have a perfectly good-ish Aztek with airbags, traction control, ABS, HUD, and fairly substantial sheet metal. So there I am, looking at new cars and not exactly getting my skirt blown up.I try the local GM stealership where they have a row of ex-rental G6's and with my connections, I can get into a 2006 G6 for $11.5K or so. I tries one and likes it. The G6 hadn't been on my list at all, not even on the radar. Pontiac hasn't done the best job promoting them, eh? I was going to even consider getting a H*[email protected] or a T#y*tA, but maybe I don't have to leave my soul at the door and buy the driving appliance of the month.... I guess I can boil it down to this question. White, Black, Red, green, which color is the fastest? :p
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