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Just to say thanks in advance for any ideas. This is my mother's car and I have been attempting to resolve this issue for quite some time.

The car:
2005 base model with 3.5 and ABS.

Work Performed:
The brakes and rotors were replaced with new. The car has less than 100 miles on them. I am going to remove them and make sure everything is clean and nothing got behind them, but i doubt that is the issue. Calipers have been rebuilt and the fluid has been drained and refilled. Hoses have been visually checked.

The car was ran without oil, or low, engine spun 4 bearings and the car was parked. I replaced the engine with one from a wrecked G6. Engine appears to have no issue and runs very strong. However the car had sat for close to 18 months before the work was completed. The initial issue was brake drag. Enough that it did wear and warp the driver side. To resolve the calipers were rebuilt, they were very clean and no rusting had occurred tot he pistons. They were considerably gummed up from sitting. New rotors, pads, and new fluid later the car was back on the road. The car drover perfect for a test run after the work. Now, not 100-150 miles later however, the brakes feel as though the anti-lock is pulsing all the time, even when not applying the brakes. Bad enough that when moving through gravel it skids the driver side tire intermittently. I do not have a brake warning light on the dash. The only code when checking is for a spark knock sensor, which i know has a bad plug.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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