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Heyo peeps! New here. Been working on my car a teeny bit the passed few weeks. Had to install a hub assembly on the front left wheel (60 bucks online, places in the my city wanted 300!) and get a wire for my abs on that side as well. Along with other minor interior things.

So I kinda lucked out and got a monsoon amp from an 06 GT coupe, and I grabbed the stereo as well as a partial upgrade to my base one. Still no aux input, but better. Problem is, I have no idea how the wiring actually works in my car. I couldn't follow the wires from the amp properly, so I only got up to a section that divides off towards the shifter and farther down the passenger side door. I had to cut the wires there, being out of time at the wreckers. I have no idea if my base model g6 already has the wires/connectors I need to connect to the amp. I would assume no, but I'm hoping I lucked out or something.

That being said, if I do need the proper wires to connect the monsoon amp, is anyone able to provide info on what wires? I also have 2 way 4 ohm speakers in the back, and 3 way 4 ohm in the front. I don't know much about amps and whatnot, but I read that the monsoon system is 2 ohm, and that 2 ohm can handle 4 ohm, but not vice versa.

Lastly, for unlocking the stereo. Has anyone successfully unlocked their stereo with the tutorial online? Where you press 2 and 3 for 10 seconds, and it shows the digits you need, then you call the GM unlock number and such?

Thanks for reading peeps
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