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PYFC Overlays

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OK guys, I just took a look at the overlays....it says it fits through 2008, does anyone know if these same ones fit the 09 model? (Maybe they just didn't update that)

OOPS...i meant "PFYC"
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Yeah they should fit
Well thanks for answering....should fit huh? I should have read their return policy...haha! I bought them, so we shall see!

yeah they will fit...what color did you get?
what did you pay??
I got reflective light silver, front and back....20 bucks
Like me :D
I initially did chrome....:

then I changed to body color:

then the concept dart....

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I like all the chrome accents on my car.....I think too much of it can get ghetto though. Thats why I chose silver. I want to paint the calipers too but not sure what color...I'm so confused....
...I'm so confused....
that extra X chromozome will do that to ya...
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