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Hope someone can provide some insight. Wifes car is a 2005 Pontiac G6, if it matters. 80,000km.

She told me the clock resets to 12:00 and car was laboring when starting up.

First thing I figured was that the battery isn't holding a charge. Either the battery is faulty, or the alternator isn't charging the battery, right?

The trickle-charger read that it had 40% charge.

After I charged the battery for half an hour tonight the voltmeter read 12.88v with the engine OFF. With the car running (with headlights on) the voltmeter read 14.3v.
I believe that the alternator/regulator is operating correctly, yes?

Some web surfing suggested that if I disconnect the POS (engine not running)and touch the meters red clip to the POS post and the black clip to the POS cable it should read 0 volts. When I did this I got a reading of 12.4v.
Does this mean there is a short somewhere? (ignition is OFF, and no lights are on)

I'm hoping someone can help. No recent work has been done on the vehicle, and we've double-checked to make sure nothing (dome lights, etc.) have been left on.


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