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Hey Y'all. I've not had a chance to be on here much but so far I enjoy the forum. I've got an 09 G6 GT with the Monsoon system. I'm planning on doing some minor audio upgrades. I've got a 12' sub and 350w amp I'm trying to put in my 6. I've found the factory amp and have noticed the plug that goes into it from the radio. Am I to assume the radio sends a pre-amp signal to the amp in the back? If so, can I tap into the rear speaker leads to the factory amp and run them to my amp? Or do I need a line output converter and just tap into the speaker wires at the rear speakers? I'm not new to radio installation, just new to this setup. Any help would be appreciated.


Josh B.

Oh, and if this is discussed somewhere else on here, forgive me. It's 530 am and I don't really have time to look. Gotta be out the door with the little one in 30 minutes....
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